My Relationship

I started my blog just yesterday, and I’m keen to add more content – I’ve done my introduction and my first experiences of anxiety, so I thought I’d move on to write something more positive – my beautiful relationship.

I’d just finished my second year of university. I’d had my heartbroken for the first time, and I felt I needed to get away in order to fix it.┬áMy parents live in Malta, which is a beautiful country, and I was lucky enough to work there for the summer (the work was hard but I won’t get into that malarkey!), but the best thing that came out of last summer, was meeting my soul mate. I worked in a hotel, and he happened to be a guest at that hotel, one thing led to another and we ended up talking – a LOT. I couldn’t get enough of him! He came at a time where I’d decided I was fully content with being on my own, I was happy being single and was not looking for a relationship – until it hit me like a ton of bricks!!!!

I’d come into work and obviously guests would come and go all the time, but I was walking to the office one morning which was by the main swimming pool and there he was – I still have the image of him in my mind, the first moment I laid eyes on him. Honestly, I loved him. Standing on the other side of the pool, in some bright (really short) swim shorts, with his olive tan skin and brown curly hair – he was everything I looked for in a man (Looks wise). It’s funny because just a few days before I was talking to one of the girls at work about what our types were, and I said someone tall, olive toned skin, and they MUST have facial hair. He was everything I had mentioned in that conversation. It’s like the universe decided I was ready to meet my match and it brought him to me. There was an instant attraction there from both of us – friendly flirting throughout his stay, until he plucked up the courage to see if I wanted to go on a night out. From that night on, there hasn’t been a day we haven’t spoken. He even came to the table tennis (which was right next to the office) and play 200 times a day just to talk to me!

Don’t get me wrong, at first I didn’t need him and I kind of expected it to be a holiday romance. I really liked him and I was SO attracted to him, but I was prepared for it to sizzle out and I was okay with that. I thought that if this is what it was going to be, I can live with it. But luckily for me after he left, he came back, and then he came back again! I don’t think he wanted to be without me, and I knew his feelings were real, and just as strong as mine. I couldn’t believe (and still can’t believe) someone like him would want to be with someone like me! He is perfect for me. In actual fact we met on the 12th August 2016, and we now live together!. He is an amazing partner, I say partner because I can’t call him my boyfriend – he is SO much more than that.

He’s funny, witty, smart, caring, silly, honest, loyal, he makes me feel beautiful, he tells me how proud I make him, he tells me he loves me, he puts up with my neediness, he likes me to sit in the bathroom with him whilst he showers, he doesn’t like it if I don’t text him when he goes out with his friends, he’s my shoulder to cry on, he stays up at night when he knows I’m not well – getting me water, cold flannels for my head, headache tablets, he knows when I’m hormonal, he sings songs with me in the car, he takes care of my family, he tells me when I’m wrong and supports me when I’m right, he puts up with my OCD, he lifts me up on my down days and celebrates with me on my good days, he comes home with my favourite sweets and drinks, he takes me on dates, he watches movies that I like, he walks around a make-up shop with me and lets me use his hand to swatch the products on, he accepts my past – it didn’t scare him away, he helps me face my problems and we do it together, he works so hard for our future, and has never let me feel unwanted or unloved. He is the light in my life, he makes my soul happy, he makes me laugh even when I don’t want to. He makes me feel like I’ve won the lottery!!

People always seem to be in a rush in their relationships – We’ve moved in together extremely soon, but that is how our situations have panned out. If we didn’t move in together I would have been up north and he would have been here in London, we did long distance through my whole third year of university, and we had had enough. Even now, we’ve been living with each other for a few months now, and for me it is still a blessing that I get to see him everyday. It doesn’t seem to soon for either of us, we’ve fitted into each others lives like a piece in a puzzle, like it was meant to be.

I didn’t really believe in soul mates. I loved the idea of them, and wished I could have that. I decided that no matter who you were with you could make it work if you chose to. I still believe that don’t get me wrong, theres bumps in every relationship – mine is not perfect, but we made the decision together that we were meant to be, and we would make this work. I think if I hadn’t have met him in Malta, eventually I would have done. I believe I was born so eventually I could be with him and steer him in the right direction, to encourage him to better himself, and I think he’s here to keep me upbeat, to keep me smiling, and to remind me to not take myself or life too seriously. I think people can make a relationship work, but having a relationship with your soul mate is so much easier, so much more authentic and effortless. We don’t argue – if we do it’s jokingly, I can say we have had one big argument in our relationship, which was easily sorted out – and it was because I was letting outsiders influence my relationship. Which I learned my lesson!

I went from a terrible relationship, thinking I was just going to be alone and I’d never find the one for me, to finding the perfect match at the most unexpected time. I am SO excited for our future and all the things we’re going to achieve together.

If you decide to read this H, I absolutely, wholeheartedly adore you. You are an amazing person (although you’re super messy and always leave wet towels on our bed), with a pure and caring heart. Thank you for helping me through this year, I couldn’t have done it without you and your cuddles. I love you, always