Cleanse – Day 1

Hey guys,

So it’s currently 7pm on Monday evening, feeling positive, struggling slightly with timings but it’s all going well so far. I’m actually not hungry at all, considering I have only eaten  broccoli today! I had my shake earlier, and decided I’m going to get some frozen berries to add to it to make it a little bit more interesting over the 9 days. I’ve been researching a lot of recipes of meals that are under 500 calories, and done some food shopping this evening so I’m excited to try some of those.

To be honest, the one thing I’m struggling with is the aloe vera gel mixed with water, which I have 4 times a day. Even though I have this pretty much everyday, for some reason I’m really struggling to finish them today. I’m hoping this will change in a few days. Today and tomorrow are the most challenging days – these are the ‘reset days’, no meals but unlimited amounts of the free foods they list in the booklet. But by day 3 I’ll be excited to try all my new recipes and actually eat a meal!

Caitlan x




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