First Blog Post


Welcome to my blog! I wanted to give a little introduction to it and just say hi to everyone!

This is ‘The Everyday Adventure”, and this is how I see my life. I would never try and say that everyday is perfect, because it’s not! I have my down days just like everyone else, but this is part of the adventure. We can’t appreciate the good without a little bit of bad – just like we can’t have a rainbow without a little bit of rain (as cheesy as that is!). I’m only 21, and I am certainly a way off getting my sh!t together, so everyday is about the journey towards my goals and creating a positive and beautiful life – but enjoying that journey too – and that’s what this blog will do. I feel like eventually it will start to materialise into a kind of mind map of all the things that go on in my head – all my interests, struggles, the food I eat to be healthy and the food I eat for my cheat days, the make-up I like to wear, my motivations to get out of bed on the days I’m not feeling my brightest, my holidays, the health challenges I like to set myself, my goals and my dreams. And I’m not doing this because I think everyone wants to know all these things about me, I’m doing it because I know that when I was in my early teenage years, I would’ve benefitted from someone who had felt what I had felt and thought what I had thought, and knowing how they got themselves to a better place. I am the person who I needed when I was that age.

I don’t have a lot of money to go and hire an expensive personal trainer, or buy organic food from Waitrose. I’m a (reasonably) normal 21 year old, taking everyday as it comes, trying to achieve a positive body, mind and soul – and I hope you’ll join me in this everyday adventure

lots of love

Caitlan 19059427_10155419332937250_7103712703750267953_n



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